CLR Labs

CLR Labs is an independent security assessment laboratory for digital identity, biometrics, mobile security, data protection and cyber security technologies, products and services.

We cover all aspects of expertise in biometrics, digital identities, mobile security, standardisation and certification.

Our assessment and testing procedures are implemented in accordance with the rules of the European Accreditation Agreement and international standards ISO/IEC 17025.

Our mission:

Towards certified biometrics that comply with European values and secure digital identities that respect privacy.

Our assessment services:

Biometric conformity assessment

• ISO/IEC 30107 (parts 3 and 4)

• ETSI TS 119 461

• ISO/IEC 19794-7 (2007 and 2021)

Biometric Performance Evaluation

• ISO/IEC 19795-2

ANSSI Evaluations

• Physical biometric test PVID

• PVID "digital" biometric test

Cybersecurity Evaluations

• EN 17640 : Fixed Time Cybersecurity Evaluation Methodology for ICT products

Our security audit services :

• Liveness detection

• Complete biometric systems

• Border management (Gates, entry-exit)

• Remote identity verification systems

• Physical identity verification systems

• Identity enrolment systems

• Physical access control systems

• Digital identity portfolios

• Vulnerability assessment

• Code review

• Test on demand

• Compliance audit of the ANSSI's IT hygiene guide

• Audit of compliance with the requirements of the ANSSI C.S.P.N assessment methodology

• Organisational security audits

• Intrusion test

Our range of products :

• SSCP functional test tools

• ISO/IEC 19794-7 (2007 and 2021) compliance testing tools

• Fingerprint

• Facial recognition

• Verification of the biometric fraud detection skills of remote identity verification operators (FaceTrust)