Our activities

Our technical consultancy activities :

Our technical consultancy activities focus on three complementary areas:

Technical expertise in new digital trust technologies:

• Digital identities, biometrics, mobile applications, cyber security, cryptography ;

• Certification schemes (security and functional) ;

• Security of distributed systems (Blockchain) ;

• Data protection ;

• Intelligent transport ;

• Smart borders ;

• Telecommunications and telecom packages ;

• Digital Single Market.

Monitoring of standards and regulations in the fields of :

• State of the art ;

• Contribution to the creation of international or European norms and standards;

• Impact analysis on business plans,

• Support in drawing up specifications for products and services,

• Secure integration into new technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and biometrics.

Functional or Security certification :

•Management of security certifications such as C.S.P.N (ANSSI first-level certification) on behalf of developers;

• Writing Protection Profiles and security targets in accordance with the Common Criteria standard (ISO/IEC 15408),

• Establishment of private functional and/or security certification schemes (e.g. as part of the Cybersecurity Act regulations);

• Writing test plans and evaluation methodologies.

Our activities as an independent laboratory assessing the security of biometric, digital identity and mobile security technologies, products and services:

Our activities as an independent laboratory assessing the security of digital identity, biometrics, mobile security, data protection and cybersecurity technologies, products and services focus on four complementary areas:
Pre-audits and audits, assessment and certification, test tool publishers, training.